With a new company building its brand recognition and awareness, it’s up to the advertisement team to help them generate profit from ads. After all, what’s the point of investing thousands of dollars if it won’t yield any noticeable results? According to Jasmine Enberg at, “in 2019, worldwide digital ad spending will rise by 17.6% to $333.25 billion.” That means, for the first time, digital spending will account for roughly half of the global ad market. At Poshnee Tech, our digital marketing specialists are well-versed in influencing the target audience and instilling a need in them that will benefit your clients. We research the market, audience, competitors and set up a promotional ad campaign that will sway your customers, first by direct marketing and later by retargeting. Our team starts by setting up digital paid ad campaigns for Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads with initially low budgets, testing ad creatives, images, headlines, and descriptions to assess the effectiveness of the applied strategy. Our goal is simple: To make the most at a cost within your budget.


Whether tackling big projects or bridging temporary skill gaps, our Staff Augmentation solutions give you the staffing flexibility to scale and innovate rapidly. Fill out the form and our staffing experts will get in touch.

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