App Development

At Poshnee Tech., we develop cutting-edge and feature-packed apps in native and cross-platform apps. Be it IOS or Android, we optimize the structure and design of your mobile app, ensuring that it is compliant with the latest technological standards.

We understand the importance of visually appealing graphics and a user-friendly interface. Our seasoned app developers make sure every app we work on has a first-rate user experience, is visually stunning, easy to use, and can be utilized by a broad class of users.

Here is how we do this.

Our Process

1. Exploring the Idea​

All it takes is an idea—a killer idea. Our first step is to carefully analyze the idea and craft a strategy on how to make it work the best. You will be in the driver’s seat of devising a perfect product strategy for your app. We will build upon your idea, making sure that it is as exciting as you have conceived.               

2. Designing the Right UI/UX ​

Ideas are important. But it is the design that makes or breaks an app. A perfect user experience, eye-catching visuals, and the inclusion of the necessary feature-set is always our top priority.

3. Development

This is the final step. Here, we bring out the first functional prototype, where all designs and features get a life of their own. After the functional prototype is ready, we develop the complete app with all its feature sets and functionalities. We test and re-test the app, kick out all the bugs, making sure that the app runs smoothly on all types of major devices and operating systems.

4. Launch on the Stores

Once everything is complete, we launch the app on all major play stores. From optimizing your app on the store to marketing strategies, we take care of all. We will be satisfied only when you are. When the app is live, we plan our next step: scaling the app. This includes finding ways for better user engagement, developing more features, and preparing a plan for future releases.


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