Business Process Outsourcing


The philosophy behind business process outsourcing is to cut down on operational and human resource costs. As a BPO services provider, we help businesses save up to 65% of what they would otherwise incur for keeping an in-house team. At the same time, we ensure that the quality of our services is unmatched and above-the-fold.
We put a foremost emphasis on cutting-edge infrastructure and innovative marketing solutions. What distinguishes Poshnee Tech from others is our unique positioning as both a BPO service provider and digital marketing agency. This gives us a unique vantage point to look at our clients’ prospects and customers from different perspectives.

Our Services


1. Telemarketing—

promote products and present sales pitches to drive sales and update customers about the latest products, services, and plans.

2. Lead Generation —

generate business leads and grow your customer list in a structured, consistent, and continuous manner.

3. Appointment Setting-

lead potential customers through the sales lifecycle by initiating contact and setting up meetings.

4. Live Transfer—

get qualified live transfers in real-time and close the deal instantaneously.

5. Surveys—

supplement your in-house market research with customer surveys to learn about current sentiment, expectations, and challenges.

6. Follow-Ups—

don’t ever forget to follow up or delay an important moment in the prospect’s journey.


General Inquries-give customers information when they need it most. Our helpful and professional executives excel at impressing and assuring your customers.

Billing Inquries-don’t let payment-related queries linger on. Let us address your customers’ all payment and billing inquiries.

Order tracking-keep sales moving along continuously without disruptions. We record orders accurately and communicate in a customer-oriented manner.      

Customer Issues-solve problems immediately before they blow up. We promptly address problems and keep your customers satisfied.            

Product Information-be it a service or a product, prospects want details. Let our seasoned executive explain it to your prospects in a helpful manner.              


Customers, both existing and potential, make use of many channels, and businesses have to adapt! At Poshnee, we have the most robust and powerful infrastructure to communicate with customers via their preferred channel. We make sure that the transition between different channels is seamless, uninterrupted, and best according to the situation and client’s demands.

This includes simultaneous communication through:

  • SMS
  • Voice Call
  • Email Chat
  • Web Chat
  • Social Media Platforms

Doing so, we comply with all the relevant consumer protection laws and regulations required, including:

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • Do Not Call (DNC) Registry
  • Recording and Monitoring Calls With Consent 
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
  • Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance (HIPAA)



Whether tackling big projects or bridging temporary skill gaps, our Staff Augmentation solutions give you the staffing flexibility to scale and innovate rapidly. Fill out the form and our staffing experts will get in touch.

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